XS4ALL Diablo patches

I'm running the diablo NNTP software on our newszilla usenet cluster at XS4ALL.

We're using the diablo-6-CUR-20170901-00 version from the development snapshots.

Debian init.d script

We run diablo on Debian/Linux systems, and we store the history file on ramfs (note, not tmpfs, as that can get swapped out, if that happens performance is worse than any other disk-based filesystem. Ramfs cannot get swapped out.). This is the /etc/init.d/diablo file that sets it all up:

. Ofcourse there's a matching /etc/init.d/dreaderd file, which sources a /etc/default/dreaderd file for config settings: (version init-20181106)

New set of /news/adm scripts

The sample administration script that ship with diablo are meant to be customized for your local setup. Unfortunately they were written in C shell. I did a rewrite in standard /bin/sh, which in most cases you do not have to customize at all. They automatically detect if dreaderd or diablo are running, and run only if needed. Just call the scripts from news' crontab and you're all set. (version adm-20180207)

libradius-linux patch

We use libradius-linux on our Linux systems to get the Diablo radius support to work. It's an (old, but working) port of the FreeBSD radius library. You're supposed to link it with the libmd MD5 library, but I like to keep dependencies to a minimum so I patched it to link with libcrypto from openssl instead (which is almost certainly included with your linux distro). (version libradius-linux-20040827)

Diablo patches

Finally, these are the patches we use on top of diablo-6-CUR-20170901-00:
(version patches-20191210/)

For diablo stuff I'm currently mikevs [at] xs4all.net.