Cistron RADIUS mailinglist

The cistron-radius mailing list is for users and developers of the Cistron Radius server. There are a few house-rules we'd like everybody on the list to adhere to:

How to subscribe and unsubscribe

Since the list was moved to mailman, this has gotten a lot easier. You can simply go to , and click on cistron-radius.

To subscribe, use the top part of that page - simply follow the instructions.

To unsubscribe, simply enter your email address in the lowest box on that page and click the "Edit Options" page. If you don't know your password (anymore) there is a button on that page to get the system to mail your password back to you.

If you want to subscribe through email, that is still possible. Just follow the instructions below:

This is a mailman list, and the mailman system interprets the message as pure ASCII - it doesn't know about HTML or MIME. So, to communicate with mailman through email you need to turn off HTML and MIME settings, or it might not understand you. Even PGP signing needs to be off as it usually results in a MIME message.

Subscribing to the list: send email to with in the body:

  subscribe [address=<address>]
The [address=address] is optional. You can use it to subscribe using an address that is different from the one you are using to send the subscribe-mail with. For example:

Unsubscribing from the list: send a message to with in the body:

  unsubscribe your-password-here [email-address-to-unsubscribe]
The brackets ([]) around email-address-to-unsubscribe mean that that part is optional - if you do include the email-address-to-unsubscribe leave out the brackets!

If you have forgotten your password, see above on how to recover it using the web interface.

Troubles: If you are having some kind of trouble with the list or with unsubscribing, don't bother the people on the list with it. If you're using the mail-interface, first try to get help by sending an email to with in the body:

For more or other assistance, talk to the list administrator at

Archive of the list

There is an archive of the list available on the web. Yes, we know it's not searchable yet. Sorry.

Last update 01-Mar-2001